Melissa Ordway about David / Shaun

Melissa Ordway is a new character in Melrose Place that will “fall in love” with David Breck (Shaun Sipos)


Melissa said: I play Morgan. David Breck, who is played by Shaun Sipos– is trying to have his last break-in so he can kind of come clean and he doesn’t have to live on the wild side any more. He wants to have a real job and not be bad anymore. He ends up breaking into my father’s house, and he’s stealing a ring, and it was like his last break in, and I end up catching him.

But instead of turning him into the police, we have a nice little rendezvous and it ends up going for a little while. I don’t want to turn him into my dad who is in a mob type situation, or to the police, because I think he’s cute. So we have kind of a relationship, but then he doesn’t want to be with me, so there’s like a love triangle there. He’s trying to make this decision between me and Lauren, but he’s torn because he doesn’t want to get turned into the police. I’m basically blackmailing him to date me is kind of a long story short.

I actually didn’t watch too much of the original series because I wasn’t allowed. My mom would let me watch 90210, but she thought Melrose Place was a little too risqué for me at the time. But I’ve seen some since. I watched a lot of the first season of Melrose Place so I could figure out who was who and what was going on. I also watched the newer 90210 and that helped. But the biggest help was watching this Melrose Place because it’s different than the older one.


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