Why Melrose Place Doesn’t Suck (TV Guide)

Last night, the CW’s low-rated reboot returned to write out the underused hotness of Colin Egglesfield and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s weak-link wackadoo, and apparently nobody showed for the party. It got like, a 0.9 in the ratings and that’s just a damn shame. Because no matter how wobbly this may have been when it started, MP 2.0 has found its footing and it is fabulous. Trust me, this is coming from a purist, too! Popping with vibrant outdoor L.A. shoots and some seriously twisted tales (love Dr. Prostitute!), the new model shares more down-and-dirty DNA with its originator than even the 90210 remake, thanks not only to Katie Cassidy’s mini-Amanda, Ella, but also to Jessica Lucas and Michael Rady’s Riley and Jonah—this generation’s less annoying Alison and Billy—and the pairing of Stephanie Jacobson’s aforementioned healer-hooker Lauren with Shaun Sipos’ should-be-breaking-out bad-boy David. Sure, there’s also Locklear and the occasional appearances by former 4616 residents, and that’s all grand fun, too. But the real appeal here is watching the youngin’s elevate their game in the presence of their predecessors, while also running amok in separate storylines that are far saucier and intriguing than the first version’s season-one snoozers like “Jake gets his G.E.D.” and “Rhonda teaches Cardio Funk.” This may all be moot, since the death certificate is probably being drafted at Wilshire-Memorial as we speak, but something had to be said. Nothing should die thinking it wasn’t loved by somebody.

Do you have a place in your heart for the new Melrose? Should it be saved?


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