Squarehippies: shirtless Shaun Sipos in Lost Dream

The site Squarehippies dedicated an article about our hottie Shaun Sipos and his “naked” scenes in “Lost Dream”. Yummy!!! The screencaps in our gallery HERE

Second coming of Brad Pitt is that you? Okay, not really but given the condition that the original one is currently in (I like facial hair but not like that) — Shaun Sipos is a decent replacement. It’s good to know that Shaun did other things other than “Melroce Place” of which I never bother to watch. Here are some shots from the film “Lost Dream” featuring his blond furry body in tight black undies, capped by username at Dreamcaps. Shaun is channeling Brad Pitt circa “Thelma and Louise” and Floyd in “True Romance”, which is so damn hot. I’m not sure what he was doing with the brush but I would gladly help. Except that I’d replace the brush with something else. Like my tongue. And now you can put that side eye away.

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