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Melrose Place su Rai2 da settembre!

GRANDIOSO!!!! Il sito sedimoda ci informa che Melrose Place sarà da settembre in Italia su Rai2!!!! E in più c’è una piccola recensione molto positiva!

GREAT! The site tell us that Melrose Place will be aired on italian tv from september on the channel Rai2.

A quasi 20 anni dalla messa in onda dell’originale, arriva la nuova versione di quello che allora era stato definito il cugino più grande di “Beverly Hills”. Rispetto all’originale, il remake conserva quello stile impeccabile che si era andato impreziosendo nel corso delle 7 stagioni. Ci sarà, per esempio, un continuo sfoggio di look da fare invidia alle 4 protagoniste di “Sex & the City”. Il telefilm si apre con un tocco noir: una caso di omicidio da risolvere. Dopodiché subentreranno gli intrighi, le bugie, gli amori e i complotti che tanto ci avevano fatto amare il primo “Melrose Place”.

Melrose Place screencaps 1×01/1×05

Finally I’ve started uploading in the gallery the screencaps of Shaun on Melrose Place. For now I’ve uploaded the first five episodes (the caps from the rest of the serie coming soon ;))

1×01 Pilot

1×02 Nightingale

1×03 Grand

1×04 Vine free image host

1×05 Canon

Italian review for Melrose Place

FONTE: Tempo di rinnovi per la CW: dopo aver confermato nuove stagioni per 90210, Gossip Girl e The Vampire Diaries, la rivelazione dell’anno, conserva ancora numerose riserve sugli stoici Smallville e One Tree Hill e sull’esordiente Melrose Place. Mentre però i primi due partono con un buon vantaggio grazie a una lunga tradizione sul network, diversa è la situazione per la serie ambientata a Los Angeles.


Why Melrose Place Doesn’t Suck (TV Guide)

Last night, the CW’s low-rated reboot returned to write out the underused hotness of Colin Egglesfield and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s weak-link wackadoo, and apparently nobody showed for the party. It got like, a 0.9 in the ratings and that’s just a damn shame. Because no matter how wobbly this may have been when it started, MP 2.0 has found its footing and it is fabulous. Trust me, this is coming from a purist, too! Popping with vibrant outdoor L.A. shoots and some seriously twisted tales (love Dr. Prostitute!), the new model shares more down-and-dirty DNA with its originator than even the 90210 remake, thanks not only to Katie Cassidy’s mini-Amanda, Ella, but also to Jessica Lucas and Michael Rady’s Riley and Jonah—this generation’s less annoying Alison and Billy—and the pairing of Stephanie Jacobson’s aforementioned healer-hooker Lauren with Shaun Sipos’ should-be-breaking-out bad-boy David. Sure, there’s also Locklear and the occasional appearances by former 4616 residents, and that’s all grand fun, too. But the real appeal here is watching the youngin’s elevate their game in the presence of their predecessors, while also running amok in separate storylines that are far saucier and intriguing than the first version’s season-one snoozers like “Jake gets his G.E.D.” and “Rhonda teaches Cardio Funk.” This may all be moot, since the death certificate is probably being drafted at Wilshire-Memorial as we speak, but something had to be said. Nothing should die thinking it wasn’t loved by somebody.

Do you have a place in your heart for the new Melrose? Should it be saved?


TV Overmind about David Breck

Meet David Breck (Shaun Sipos)

If Ella is the top alpha female of the new Melrose crew then David is it’s Alpha male. Born the son Michael Mancini, mad doctor extraordinaire, David has the penthouse suite, a nice ride, and is the only one of the residents with out a job. Seems like Michael’s pockets have been nice to David, right? Nope. He stills from the rich for fun and sells the items to make his ends meet, because let’s face it: being a pretty trust fund boy is sooo 1990s… When David’s not hocking jewelry or paintings, he is spending time with his half-brother Noah, despite the wishes of Michael and Michael’s wife, Vanessa.


90210 and Melrose Place Are Better Than You Think

The CW’s reboots of 90210 and Melrose Place return from hiatus tonight, and, let me guess: You don’t care. And I don’t blame you. I myself stopped watching 90210 halfway through a first season so tiresome that I was nodding off before the first commercial. And while Melrose Place did delight for several weeks, periods of dullness eventually began to creep in.

But now both shows are better than they’re given credit for, and they have serious potential to be great. Plus, they each boast a cast of characters I’m not ready to say goodbye to. Much to my relief, 90210 has been picked up for a third season, but Melrose Place is teetering on the edge of preemptive cancellation. So here’s my appeal to set your DVRs and get watching.

Melrose: Trashy good fun

I admit that Melrose Place is a harder sell. The first half of the season wasted too much time on a misguided murder mystery, which was wrapped up clumsily in the last episode. But now that we’re done with that nonsense, I’m ready to see the more interesting storylines play out.

Why? Because Melrose Place is trashy good fun. The CW advertises the series as the steamier, skin-heavier alternative to 90210’s bright high school drama. Which is pretty accurate, actually, as this is one attractive cast. Aside from the “dead Sydney in a swimming pool” plot, we’ve gotten some compelling stories: Cutthroat bitch publicist Ella rising to the top, the innocent Riley choosing modeling over teaching, and—of course—Lauren turning tricks to pay for medical school. (Don’t you dare judge her!)

Look, it’s not high art, and Melrose Place still has a lot of growing to do. But given how drastically 90210 improved from one season to the next, I bet Melrose Place will prove its haters wrong—provided it has the chance.





This is a petition to save the new CW Show Melrose Place from cancellation. We have all seen the ratings drop and the many websites predicting that the show will face cancellation at the end of this season but this is a show that deserves a chance.
We all know that the original MP got off to a bumpy start in its first season and because the network believed in the show it went on to run for 7 brilliant years.
Whilst the new Melrose Place took a few weeks to find its footing, this is a show that is now heading in the right direction and is turning in to the ultimate guilty pleasure TV series just like the original.
The shows DVR Numbers are also really high showing that people are watching (MP placed number 10 on the shows with the biggest increase in viewership through DVR by a huge 44 percent).
So please CW give MP a second season and give this great show a chance to flourish, and try moving its timeslot, team it with something a bit more grown up unlike 90210.
Let’s get as many signatures as we can to show the CW that we want Melrose Place to stay.