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Celebrity Interviews: Shaun Sipos

MELROSE PLACE star Shaun Sipos talks murder, mayhem and cougars with Madison Michele. Shaun also discusses working with returning Melrose star Heather Locklear and dishes the dirt on the show’s murder plotline. Shaun also talks about his new movie “Curve Of Heart”.

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Little article on “Curve of Earth”

A little article about Shaun’s new movie “Curve of Earth“.

“I was asked to help out with several shots, for the feature film, Curve of Earth, by Curve of Earth LLC’s Post Production Supervisor Michelle Sullivan,” said Orlando Delbert. “Visual Effects Artist Frank Rosowski, and I, worked closely with Sullivan, and Editor Lara Ramirez, on twenty-three of the effects shots. All of the shots involved extensive tracking, and removal of unwanted reflections. We also worked closely with Thom Whitehead, Director of Editorial Services at Deluxe Digital Media in Los Angeles.”

Curve of Earth was Written and Directed by Lee Madsen. William Forsythe, Ursula Brooks, Shaun Sipos, and Dee Wallace are among the cast. The film was shot using a 2-Perforation-deep 35mm frame film system to capture the film in a widescreen 2.4:1 aspect ratio. This Techniscope format was invented over a century ago.

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