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New Movie: Rampage

Shaun Sipos is Evan.

Hate him or love him, you gotta admire Uwe Boll for getting his movies made. Okay, so maybe admire is probably too strong a word. Let’s go with … props? Can you at least give him props for getting this movies made? No? Eh, I tried. Anyways, his latest is something called “Rampage”. Admit it, you’re curious. You wanna know what “Rampage” is about, don’t you?

Well it’s about a guy who is apparently fed up with society, who then decides to build himself a full body armor suit and goes on a killing spree. Basically, it’s classic Uwe Boll — over-the-top violence and completely tasteless. Boll probably thinks it’s going to make you think about violence and society or something deep like that, but you probably won’t.

The film stars Brendan Fletcher as Bill and Shaun Sipos as Evan. I’m guessing those guys are important characters in the movie. If not, eh, I tried. Sort of.

“Rampage” will make its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, which runs from September 24 through October 1.