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Interview for Venice Magazine (November 2009)

Shaun Sipos gets around. At only 27, the actor is already a veteran of many a television show, having appeared on “Shark,” “ER,” “Southland,” and “Complete Savages.” Now he’s taking on one of the most infamous addresses in all of Los Angeles, “Melrose Place.” Sipos had no intention of being an actor. Like many a Hollywood story, it was complete happenstance. “The receptionist at my dentist’s office asked me if I thought about model-ing…and I was like, fuck that. So she said, ‘How about acting’? So I went to this small Indian town on Vancouver Island and met her friend who was an agent. It was pure curiosity on my part. It was like a little adventure.” That was when he was 18. “It made me look at myself differently and I got to know myself better. It changed me so much and I realized that this was it for me.”


PhotoShoot | Venice Magazine (2009)