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The official campaign to bring Melrose Place to FX

Some Melrose Place fans just created a new project trying to bring the serie from the CW to FX (the channel of the original serie) for a second season. I don’t know if this will be very useful but anyway why can’t we try?  Just joing the group on facebook and share it with friends! Here the description of the project!

Why FX? Fox was the original home of the Melrose Place franchise. FX has the cutting edge programming that Melrose Place would be a PERFECT FIT for. Including the show that launched the career of 90210 vixen AnnaLynne McCord, Nip/Tuck.  CW was the wrong network to reboot the show. CW aims towards the teen girl audience. Melrose Place was one of the rare shows that were about adults, with issues relevant to adults, with a believable cast in terms of the ages of their characters.


Melrose Place su Rai2 da settembre!

GRANDIOSO!!!! Il sito sedimoda ci informa che Melrose Place sarà da settembre in Italia su Rai2!!!! E in più c’è una piccola recensione molto positiva!

GREAT! The site tell us that Melrose Place will be aired on italian tv from september on the channel Rai2.

A quasi 20 anni dalla messa in onda dell’originale, arriva la nuova versione di quello che allora era stato definito il cugino più grande di “Beverly Hills”. Rispetto all’originale, il remake conserva quello stile impeccabile che si era andato impreziosendo nel corso delle 7 stagioni. Ci sarà, per esempio, un continuo sfoggio di look da fare invidia alle 4 protagoniste di “Sex & the City”. Il telefilm si apre con un tocco noir: una caso di omicidio da risolvere. Dopodiché subentreranno gli intrighi, le bugie, gli amori e i complotti che tanto ci avevano fatto amare il primo “Melrose Place”.

Bad news from Ausiello

It’ seems that als for the popular Ask Ausiello of  EW there will be no season 2 for Melrose Place 😦 He answered to a fan:

Sembra non ci siano speranze per una seconda stagione di Melrose Place neanche secondo l’autorevole Ask Ausiello della rivista EW 😦 Ecco come ha risposto ad una lettrice:

Question: Any news on Melrose Place being picked up for another season? —Amy
How to put this delicately… Charmed stands a better chance of coming back next fall.

Melrose Place screencaps 1×01/1×05

Finally I’ve started uploading in the gallery the screencaps of Shaun on Melrose Place. For now I’ve uploaded the first five episodes (the caps from the rest of the serie coming soon ;))

1×01 Pilot

1×02 Nightingale

1×03 Grand

1×04 Vine free image host

1×05 Canon

More spoilers about Melrose Place Season Finale!

In the season finale, Amanda officially fires Ella from WPK and cuts off all Ella’s severance pay and recommendation referrals. However, Ella begins to search for anything to blackmail Amanda and finally discovers that Jane Andrews was behind Amanda’a actions and financial misfortune from the very start, in which one of the women will resort to murder to protect her secrets. Meanwhile, Jonah travels to New York to attend a NYU reunion party where, after reminiscing with his former roommate and college friends, he asks Riley to reconcile. Back in Los Angeles, Lauren and David finally get back together, but a jealous Morgan retaliates and puts Lauren’s life in jeopardy and lands David in trouble with the law. Drew tries to stop Michael from performing a dangerous surgery. But the end result has evil yet again winning over good when the evil Michael sets Drew up to be caught with drugs, causing Drew to be thrown in jail, and out of UCLA forever.