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The official campaign to bring Melrose Place to FX

Some Melrose Place fans just created a new project trying to bring the serie from the CW to FX (the channel of the original serie) for a second season. I don’t know if this will be very useful but anyway why can’t we try?  Just joing the group on facebook and share it with friends! Here the description of the project!

Why FX? Fox was the original home of the Melrose Place franchise. FX has the cutting edge programming that Melrose Place would be a PERFECT FIT for. Including the show that launched the career of 90210 vixen AnnaLynne McCord, Nip/Tuck.  CW was the wrong network to reboot the show. CW aims towards the teen girl audience. Melrose Place was one of the rare shows that were about adults, with issues relevant to adults, with a believable cast in terms of the ages of their characters.




This is a petition to save the new CW Show Melrose Place from cancellation. We have all seen the ratings drop and the many websites predicting that the show will face cancellation at the end of this season but this is a show that deserves a chance.
We all know that the original MP got off to a bumpy start in its first season and because the network believed in the show it went on to run for 7 brilliant years.
Whilst the new Melrose Place took a few weeks to find its footing, this is a show that is now heading in the right direction and is turning in to the ultimate guilty pleasure TV series just like the original.
The shows DVR Numbers are also really high showing that people are watching (MP placed number 10 on the shows with the biggest increase in viewership through DVR by a huge 44 percent).
So please CW give MP a second season and give this great show a chance to flourish, and try moving its timeslot, team it with something a bit more grown up unlike 90210.
Let’s get as many signatures as we can to show the CW that we want Melrose Place to stay.