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LUX Creator: “The Promise of the Pilot is Paid Off in the Finale”

TV GUIDE: Although the CW’s Life Unexpected has been all but canceled, creator Liz Tigelaar was tasked with writing a finale that could serve as a series-ender that would satisfy fans. A show about two unlikely parents whose 16-year-old child enters their lives, Life Unexpectedstars Shiri Appleby as Cate and Kristoffer Polahaas Baze, opposites who hooked up at the high school prom and subsequently produced a child. After giving her daughter up for adoption, Cate went on to become a successful radio host whose life with boyfriend Ryan (Kerr Smith) was rocked when said child, Lux (Britt Robertson), re-entered her life. On Tuesday’s episode, while two major relationship arcs come to a close, by the end of the two hours, the show focuses on what’s at its heart — a story about family. Tigelaar spoke to about the show and how it’s evolved in ways she couldn’t have predicted. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

LUX season 1 & 2 on dvd

From TV SHOW ON DVD: Early this month we broke the hearts of manyLife Unexpectedfans. The show, which airs on The CW network, hadn’t finished airing the second season broadcasts, and hadn’t been officially renewed or canceled (nor has it been up to this date, either!). But we reported that Warner Home Video had formally announced an April 5th DVD release of both the first and second seasons of the show, on 6 discs, officially titled as “Life Unexpected – The Complete Series“. READ THE FULL ARTICLE